Hickory Pork Chops

Hickory Pork Chops

Hickory Pork Chops

This recipe is very easy to make.  It's for two, but can be scaled to whatever is needed. 

2 1” boneless pork chops

3 Tbsp Spirits & Spice Hickory Balsamic

2 tsp Worcestershire sauce

1 tsp Spirits & Spice  Perfect Steak spice blend

Any Spirits & Spice Don Carlos Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Mix the balsamic, Worcestershire, and spice together.  Lightly rinse the pork chops and pat them dry.  Generously baste the pork chops on both sides.  Add a little olive oil to a frypan.  Once heated, add the pork chops.  Cook for 3-4 minutes, then turn and cook for another 3-4 minutes.  Voila!  An outstanding dinner in less than 10 minutes.