Frequently Asked Questions | Spirits and Spice


Adult Signature Requirement

Any orders containing alcohol must be signed by an adult over the age of 21. 


I opened my account at a store, how do I see my points online?

If you started your account in a store and want to view your points or even use them online, the first step is to set up a password.  Do this by clicking 'Loyalty Rewards' in the top left corner of the webpage.  Click 'Join Now'.  Input the same email address you used for your in-store purchase and select a password.  After verifying your account, you're all set.  Log back into the Loyalty Rewards page and you're points will be visible.


How do I earn reward points?

Points are earned in several fun ways.  First is shopping in-store or online.  For every dollar you spend you earn a point!  You can also earn points by logging into your account and following the link to 'like' us on Facebook.  Our refer a friend program and having a birthday are two more ways to earn points!  The rewards are amazing!

300 points = $15 off your purchase

600 points = $40 off your purchase

850 points = $60 off your purchase

1,200 points= $100 off your purchase


How do I use my points online?

You have the points, and you want to use them! Start by logging into your account (refer to 'I opened my account at a store, how do I see my points online?' question above if you opened your account in a store). Your available rewards will highlight and be 'clickable.' You will receive a promotion code that begins with 'LL-.' Use this code at checkout in the box labeled 'Gift Card or Discount Code.' Tada! You're done, and you're saving some bucks.


If you purchased a bottle in one of our stores to be shipped and have questions about the handwriting:

  1. We cannot guarantee special handwriting on a bottle being shipped. If you see a handwriting you like in the store, you must purchase it and take it with you. 
  2. We are unable guarantee or duplicate any artwork.
  3. We are happy to personalize a bottle with a saying, short sentence, date, or greeting. Please be sure to add the exact spelling and punctuation required in the notes section of your order. 
  4. We are unable to replace bottles that deviate from the above requirements. Please reach out to the individual store you purchased from if you have any questions (link to store contact)


Our Refill Program

Refill your oil and vinegar bottles with any of our Spirits & Spice Associates and get $2 off. Only available at our Spirits & Spice retail stores, not online. Refills are for oils and vinegars only not alcohol.


Still need help?

Email anytime to or call 888-807-7474.