Spirits & Spice Tequila Sunrise

Spirits & Spice Tequila Sunrise


Wake up and smell the roses or better yet look up and kiss the sky with this Tequila Sunrise Cocktail with Spirits & Spice Owner Kim Weiss.Featuring our Spirits and Spice Products:Tart Cherry Liqueur ,Tequila Anejo and BBQ Hibiscus Spice.

Cheers to magnificence. 🍹💌


Hint of Lime and Lemon Juice
Spirits & Spice Tart Cherry
Spirits & Spice Tequila Anejo
Spirits & Spice Hibiscus BBQ Spice
Orange Juice of choice
Cocktail Shaker



1. Rim glass with Lime and Lemon Juice

2. Rim glass with Hibiscus BBQ Spice

3. Put ice in a cocktail shaker

4. Add 1 Ounce and 3/4 of Tart Cherry

5. Add 1 Ounce and 3/4 of Tequila Blanco

6. Mix 

7. Strain into a martini glass halfway

8. Finish with orange juice 

9. Add a Cherry of choice