Augmented Reality Cocktail

Augmented Reality Cocktail

Augmented Reality Cocktail


Still Works Great Grey Gin

Spirits & Spice Spiced Hibiscus Liqueur


Mint leaves

Tonic Water


Start with one tall beautiful hand-blown glass by Laurie Thal (or a tall glass of your choice) and fill 3/4 full with ice cubes.  Pour JH Still Works Great Grey Gin on the ice until about 1 ½” from the top.  Add “enough” Spirits & Spice Spiced Hibiscus Liqueur.  Squeeze the juice from two lime slices into the glass, leave lime slices on top.  Add a couple "sort of smashed" fresh mint leaves and top with desired amount of tonic water.

DON’T stir - until you take a pretty picture with sunshine behind the glass, and then, sip away. 

Recipe and photo courtesy of artist (and happy customer) Kay Stratman