Paradise Punch

Paradise Punch

Paradise Punch Recipe no hangover

Introducing the Spirits & Spice punch recipe. This is the classic paradise rum punch with the Spirits & Spice touch. We're talking smooth elegant layers of tantalizing flavors that will transport you straight to a Caribbean beach, minus the sand between your toes and the ultra hangover.


1/2 oz Spirits & Spice Paradise Punch Liqueur
1 oz Coconut Rum
1 oz of Pineapple Juice
1/2 oz of grenadine (or maraschino cherry juice)
Orange slice for garnish



1. Combine Spirits & Spice Paradise Punch Liqueur, rum, orange juice and pineapple juice into a shaker glass.

2. Add ice to a shaker glass and shake for about 20-30 seconds.

3. Pour into a glass with ice, top with a touch more juice if needed, and the maraschino cherry juice. Garnish with cherries and orange slice.

 Exclusive Spirits & Spice recipe by Julia Salvia @jerseygirldiaries