Tropical Tahiti Margarita

Tropical Tahiti Margarita

Tropical Tahiti margarita

Introducing the Tropical Tahiti Margarita by our very own General Manager from our Oakbrook store - Aaron Burrow.

He really did it with this one. We loved it so much we decided to publish this recipe in the the Discover Tlaquepaque Magazine - Celebrating 50 Years Edition, coming soon! 


Spirits and Spice Recipe: Servings 4

Tropical Tahiti margarita

3 ounces of ‘Spirits & Spice Cristalino’

½ ounce of ‘Spirits & Spice Tropical Blend Balsamic’

¼ ounce of Fresh Lime Juice

Garnish with a lime slice rubbed in sugar.

Rim Glass with ‘Spirits & Spice Chili Lime Salt”

Over ice, of course

Shaken with ice.