Orange Espresso Martini

Orange Espresso Martini

Orange Espresso Martini

Sip in style with this Spirits & Spice Candied Orange Espresso Martini.


1/2 oz Spirits & Spice Candied Orange Liqueur
2 oz of Spirits & Spice Vodka
1 oz of Espresso
A few drops of orange bitters
Orange Twist (for garnish)
Coffee Beans (for garnish)



1. Combine candied orange liqueur, vodka, espresso and orange bitters into a shaker glass.

2. Add ice to shaker glass and shake for about 20-30 seconds until foamy.

3. Pour into a glass, top with espresso beans and an orange twist.


Exclusive Spirits & Spice recipe by Julia Salvia @jerseygirldiaries