Classic Sassy Bloody Mary

Classic Sassy Bloody Mary

Classic Sassy Bloody Mary

In a 16 oz glass (pint glass works fine)

6 oz 3 Bar Bloody Mary Mix

2 oz Spirits & Spice Hot Pepper Vodka

Squeeze or 1 tsp citrus juice

Garnishes to taste (practically any veggies you love)


Rim your glass first if desired.  Fill a glass halfway with ice.  Add mix, hot pepper vodka, and citrus juice.  To mix, either transfer the delicious concoction from one glass to another and then back to the original, or simply use a cocktail spoon.  Add sauces and garnishes as desired.

Notes: Use Spirits & Spice Bloody Good on Everything to rim your glass.

A splash of Calamansi Balsamic will knock this out of the park. 


Recipe from the kitchen of Dustin, Spirits & Spice Personal Concierge