Living Gluten & Dairy Free; Pain in the A@# or Blessing in Disguise?

Living Gluten & Dairy Free; Pain in the A@# or Blessing in Disguise?

Living Gluten & Dairy Free; Pain in the A@# or Blessing in Disguise?

About 18 years ago a Nutritionist advised me that she thought I was allergic to wheat and dairy. And so began this journey. For someone who LOVES food, it was a shock. What do you mean, no more French baguettes and brie?! No more Lasagna?! Aghhh! I also like to think of myself as strong and impervious — like my Grandmother who even in her 90s was walking briskly (believe me, I had to do a skip-walk to keep up with her) 5 miles several times a week and was out-working her grandchildren. So, to succumb to the “fad” special diets hurt my ego.

 But, I got over it. Principally because every time I cheated, I felt sick. It’s not so great to eat your favorite things but then have trouble breathing or a blinding headache for weeks afterwards.

 With 18 years of perspective, I can see some real benefits. Most of the things that all of us should avoid, which contain too much fat, sugar or are too processed, also contain wheat and dairy. Of course, I still have to avoid those same things that are now designed to be gluten and diary free and, as a result, have more fat and sugar; such as gluten free bread and desserts. But what these dietary restrictions have forced me to really do is eat clean — meaning whole foods cooked at home.

 In some ways, these dietary restrictions led me to our business model. Our oils and vinegars and spices are a great and easy way to take simple things; like a chicken thigh and asparagus and make it taste really great with very little additional effort. I’ve come to believe that we can all eat better by eating food we make at home. We know what is in it and we can make choices to make it healthful as well as taste good.

 I’ve decided to be grateful for being gluten and dairy free. Getting pissed about it doesn’t help anyone, so why not be grateful instead? Being gluten and dairy free has changed my life, improved my health, and propelled me to create a business that I love.

Kim Weiss - Owner Spirits & Spice