Las Vegas Events


Do you want to avoid the crowds? Would you like a FREE personalized experience at our Vegas store?

If so, check out our new Vegas individual events! You sign up for a personal appointment by clicking a link below for one-on-one time with our experts and they will help wake up your sassy side! Also, if you book one of these appointments, it includes 10% OFF any purchase during your appointment! 


The Signature Whiskey Experience 🥃

Sign up for our Signature Whiskey Experience as a private appointment! You will learn a little and have a LOT of fun while tasting 5 different whiskeys. 

Why-ne Not Wine Tastings 🍷

Would you like to know more about wines? Do you want to find the perfect wine pairing for your meal? Or, would you just like to do a fun activity? Why-ne not give it try?

Avoid the Crowds Reservation ✨

With this one-on-one appointment, you have our full attention without the crowds! This is perfect for the person that wants to have an individual experience at a time that is convenient for YOU!

Culinary Tasting 🌶️

One of our experts will help walk you through how to spice up your kitchen and recipes!  Want to learn fun ways of using oil and vinegar combinations? Do you want some recipe inspiration? If so, this event is perfect for you!