Part of Our Mission; Caring for the Environment

Part of Our Mission; Caring for the Environment

Part of Our Mission; Caring for the Environment

Spirits & Spice provides an interactive and educational experience showcasing unique and extraordinary spirits, liqueurs, spice blends, balsamic vinegars, and oils, from around the world. We value creative problem solving, team spirit, and good judgement.  We aim to have fun, care for the environment, and support our communities.


How are we working to care for our environment? A valid question for any organization in this day and age. As individuals, as organizations, as communities and as governments, this kind of introspection and, hopefully, action is necessary to make sure future generations don’t drown in our waste.


First, we encourage our customers to bring their bottles back for refill with oils and vinegars. In fact, you can bring any clean empty glass bottle in for a fill up with our oils and vinegars. Recycling as our grandparents used to do it — before there was a word in common parlance “recycling”. When our grandparents bought milk, for example, they set their used bottles out for pick up and reuse. It’s the easiest way to reduce our consumption— and it gets you a $2 per bottle discount on your oils and vinegars. A win-win for our customers and the environment.


Secondly, we avoid using plastic by using a new packaging product, Hexcel, instead of using bubble wrap. When I started the Jackson Hole store, I used newspaper for packaging. Unfortunately, the newspaper didn’t always protect our product sufficiently. A few customers, rightfully, complained. We then moved to bubble wrap. I am ashamed when I think of how much bubble wrap we have used over the past 8 years. So much plastic! A Sedona customer brought a new packaging product, Hexcel, made using recycled paper, to our attention. We believe it will protect our product as well as bubble wrap did and it’s made out of recycled paper! No plastic! It also doesn’t need any tape to hold it closed. Another win-win!


Thirdly, we are moving to avoid paper as much as possible. So, no we don’t have a catalog - which will be obsolete almost as soon as it is printed. Instead we have a website (I think it’s a Kick-Butt Website but I’m not very objective). No, we don’t send out postcards in the mail, we use email marketing instead. Soon, we won’t be giving you printed recipes — instead on each email you receive from our Loyalty Program (which works for all stores and the website), you will receive a link to a recipe on our website. No, we don’t have a printed cookbook. But you will find more recipes on our website than you will in most cookbooks. Soon, you won’t be able to get a printed business card from our store teams, instead we will send you one electronically if you request it from the Point of Sale.


Finally, we reuse our packaging material. If you ever get a package from us packaged with styrofoam peanuts (sorry), we are reusing peanuts someone sent to us. We know they are sticky and gross, but they must be reused so that they don’t end up in a landfill quite yet. We also reuse boxes and inserts for some packaging for products that are sent between our stores.


We will continue to look for ways to care for our environment. Thank you for your understanding as we make these changes for what we hope is the greater good.