Jackson Hole Events


Do you want to avoid the crowds? Would you like a FREE personalized experience at our Jackson Hole store?

If so, check out our new Jackson Hole individual events! You sign up for a personal appointment by clicking a link below for one-on-one time with our experts and they will help wake up your sassy side! Also, if you book one of these appointments, it includes 10% OFF any purchase during your appointment! 


The Signature Whiskey Experience 🥃

Sign up for our Signature Whiskey Experience as a private appointment! You will learn a little and have a LOT of fun while tasting 5 different whiskeys. 

Why-ne Not Wine Tastings 🍷

Would you like to know more about wines? Do you want to find the perfect wine pairing for your meal? Or, would you just like to do a fun activity? Why-ne not give it try?

Avoid the Crowds Reservation ✨

With this one-on-one appointment, you have our full attention without the crowds! This is perfect for the person that wants to have an individual experience at a time that is convenient for YOU!