The Culinary Challenged Set

The Culinary Challenged Set

Introducing the "Culinary Challenged College Survival Set. The ultimate solution for college students who may need a little extra help in the kitchen. We understand that mastering the art of cooking can be a daunting task, so we've assembled a care package of ingredients to add to their meals and save the day.

Care Package Includes: 

Garlic Risotto and 200ml Garlic and Butter Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Ingredients that can be sprinkled on popcorn, macaroni or buttered noodles: Truffle Dust or Garlic and Butter Extra Virgin Olive Oil Salt

But wait, we didn't stop there! Alongside the food essentials, we've added a touch of humor with our "First World Problems Pencils." These witty pencils will have your college student laughing through those late-night study sessions, reminding them that even the smallest inconveniences can be overcome.