Seguinot Cognac XO

Cognac XO

From the estate of the Seguinot Family, producers of Cognac in the Grand Champagne region of Cognac since 1819. This region is acclaimed as the origin of the finest grapes for Cognac, being that most of the soil has a heavy concentration of limestone. This makes the survival of the vines more difficult, and the flavors that their fruit bears all the bolder. The base age for XO classification is ten years, but this fantastic cognac only uses a blend of premium brandies between twenty and thirty years old, giving it a smooth and full-bodied flavor with notes of apple, pear, tobacco, and leather.

Shipping Details/Restrictions

  • Country:France
    Alcohol Content:40%


    Due to a glass shortage, you may receive a different bottle shape than pictured.  Don’t worry, it will have the same amount inside.  Feel free to contact us via chat or email with questions.