Armagnac XO 25 Year

Armagnac XO 25 Year

Bring home the gold with this gold medal-winning Armagnac. Armagnac is a rarity due to about half of the cognac evaporating during the distillation process. Our Armagnac XO 25 year is aged for 25 years in French oak harvested from the Troncais Forest in France despite only needing to be aged 10 years to be considered an XO; this Armagnac goes above and beyond! This creates deep aromas of plum, mulberry, and smoke. The savory flavors of strawberry, iodine, and vegetable fill the palate. Don’t miss this French masterpiece.

Shipping Details/Restrictions

  • Country: France
    Alcohol Content: 40%


    Due to a glass shortage, you may receive a different bottle shape than pictured.  Don’t worry, it will have the same amount inside.  Feel free to contact us by email with questions.