Spicy Citrus Skirt Steak

Spicy Citrus Skirt Steak

Spicy Citrus Skirt Steak Recipe

Get ready for a wild ride of spices and tangy goodness in the form of Spicy Citrus Skirt Steak with Mushrooms & Onions. This culinary fiesta features tender skirt steak marinated in a sizzling combination of fiery spices and zesty citrus. Grab your spatula, channel your inner chef, and prepare to impress your palate with this tantalizing dish.


- Skirt Steak - 1 lb
- Red onion - ½ C - julienne
- 8 cloves peeled garlic, minced
- 2 T Dry oregano
- 2 T Dry thyme
- Spirits & Spice Calamansi Balsamic - 3 T
- Spirits & Spice Key Lime Habanero Balsamic - 3 T
- Spirts & Spice Roasted Garlic EVOO - 4 T
- Pink Himalayan Salt - To Taste
- Fresh Crushed Black Pepper - To Taste
- Shiitake Mushrooms - 1 C, sliced

Small Wares:
- Cutting board
- Knife
- 2 medium sauté pans - Spatula
- Mixing Bowl


1. In mixing bowl, marinate skirt steak with seasonings, Calamansi Balsamic, and Key Lime Habanero Balsamic vinegar. Cover and
reserve at least 1 hour.

2. In medium Sauté onions and garlic to golden brown in 2 T Roasted Garlic EVOO, salt, and pepper. Sauté mushrooms in same
manner. Reserve both.

3. Heat sauté pan to sizzle and add skirt steak. Develop sear / caramelization on one side, and then other side. Remove from heat and allow to rest.

Serve with mushrooms, onions, and garlic.

Spirits & Spice Exclusive recipe by Chef Kas.