Apple Herb Lemon Marinated Chicken

Apple Herb Lemon Marinated Chicken

Apple Lemon Marinated Chicken

This chicken recipe is so marinated in apple, herb, and lemon, it's practically auditioning for the next season of Top Chef: Poultry Edition.

Ingredients (Feeds up to 4 people):
- Chicken Breast - 4 ea
- 1 Red Onion - julienne
- 4 T minced garlic
- 2 T (tablespoon) Spirits & Spice Lemon Dill EVOO
- 2 T Spirits & Spice Rosemary EVOO
- 4 T pink Himalayan salt (or to taste)
- 2 T fresh ground black pepper (to taste)
- 4 T Spirits & Spice Apple Balsamic vinegar
- 3 t (teaspoon) Spirits & Spice Truffle Dust
- 1 T Spirits & Spice Herbs De Provence

1. Remove chicken breast from packaging and pat dry. In medium mixing bowl add chicken, Spirits & Spice Lemon Dill EVOO, Spirits & Spice Rosemary EVOO, Pink Himalayan Salt, Black Pepper, Spirits & Spice Truffle Dust, and Spirits & Spice Herbs De Provence.

2. Heat sauté pan (with lid) over medium-high heat, keep lid to side. When pan is hot to sizzle (with a drop of water), put chicken in pan. Sear chicken on one side for approximately 5-6 minutes until dark golden brown, then flip. Add onions and garlic to pan, cover, cook additional 5-6 minutes for sear on second side.

3. Turn chicken over, add Spirits & Spice Apple Balsamic, reduce heat to low, and cover. Flip chicken once more, reduce liquid to napé consistency. Remove chicken from pan and top with onion, garlic, balsamic glaze.


Exclusive Spirits & Spice recipe by chefkas.