S&S S’mores Cream Liqueur

S&S S’mores Cream Liqueur

Another S&S original- S'mores Cream Liqueur- sure to tease your tastebuds. We are not sure this needs description because we all love toasted marshmallows, crumbly graham crackers, and melted chocolate. Seriously, there's only one thing better, spiking it. This is an adult camping trip dessert you can drink cold, pour over ice, or try warming it, build a pillow fort, and camp in your living room tucked in with this one-of-a-kind liqueur that only S&S can deliver!

Shipping Details/Restrictions

  • Country: United States
    Alcohol Content: 15%


    Due to a glass shortage, you may receive a different bottle shape than pictured.  Don’t worry, it will have the same amount inside.  Feel free to contact us by email info@spiritsandspice.com with questions.