Cuatro Ceramic Tequila Set

Cuatro Ceramic Tequila Set

The BIGGER than the biggest tequila connoisseurs will have this set in their collection. Four (or excuse me Cuatro) exquisite tequilas: The Spirits & Spice and Viva Mexico Tequila Añejo 1L- Spirits & Spice Fourth Batch Tequila Extra Añejo - 1LSpirits & Spice Tequila Cristalino Reposado Batch #3, and S&S Second Batch Tequila Blanco.

Four hand-painted liter bottles, and one hell of a BIGGER experience than the bigger experience before! eh' em'


  • These handcrafted bottles come from a dry climate. It is highly recommended that you occasionally turn the bottles upside down, with the lid on, to dampen the corks.  

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