S&S Dreamsicle Cream Liqueur

S&S Dreamsicle Cream Liqueur

A blast from the past to satisfy your inner child and your outward adult. Bring back memories of your childhood summers with orange, vanilla cream that will make you lick your lips and look for the street lights to make sure you make it home before curfew. Enjoy over ice, over ice cream, or mixed with your favorite vodka for a very American kind of cocktail.

This product won a Gold and Innovation Award in the 2022 SIP Awards!

Shipping Details/Restrictions

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  • Country:United States
    Alcohol Content:18%


    Due to a glass shortage, you may receive a different bottle shape than pictured.  Don’t worry, it will have the same amount inside.  Feel free to contact us by email info@spiritsandspice.com with questions.