Yes You Can Make This Prime Rib Roast

Yes You Can Make This Prime Rib Roast

Yes You Can Make This Prime Rib Roast


3 ½ lb Standing Rib roast (bone is more flavor but more weight, boneless is, well, boneless) 

Spirits & Spice Smoked Rosemary Salt and/or Spirits & Spice The Perfect Steak seasoning

Hot Horseradish Mustard for dipping (optional, but amazing)


*Any Size Roast works, a 3 ½ lb roast can feed 4-6 people, up to 8 if you skimp, but no need to skimp for the holidays! 

At least 2 hours prior to cooking, set the roast out on a platter on the counter to come up to nearly room temperature. It will be fine, don’t stress. Then pat it down to remove any excess moisture. 

Preheat your oven to 500 degrees. 

For the seasoning, coat the roast in Spirits & Spice Smoked Rosemary Salt OR The Perfect Steak (or a mix of both, why not?) 

Place the roast on a wire rack in the roasting pan and cook for 6 minutes per lb. 

Turn the oven off and DO NOT OPEN FOR 2 HOURS! Just leave it alone. The residual heat will cook it as long as you do not open the door for any reason. 

If for some odd reason it isn’t perfect, put the oven back on 375 until your thermometer reads 135 degrees for medium rare, 140 for medium. 

You may pour some of the juice over the roast, use it to make gravy or even make Yorkshire Pudding (but that’s for another recipe). Don’t waste that delicious juice!

Serve with Hot Horseradish Mustard to blow your mind. 

*For a small roast that weighs two lb or less, reduce the amount of time for the second stage of cooking (which is the stage when the oven is turned off) to 60-90 minutes instead of 2 hours.

*For a large roast that weighs 10 lb or more, cut it into two 5 lb halves and cook both halves at the same time, but calculate the initial cooking time based on the weight of just one of the halves. [For example, in order to cook a 12 lb roast, you would cut it in half, place both halves in the oven, and cook them at 500°F for 36 minutes (6 minutes per lb x 6 lb roast = 36 minutes of cooking time) followed by 2 hours with oven turned off.


From the kitchen of Dustin, Lead Personal Concierge for Spirits & Spice