Ground Turkey Soup

Ground Turkey Soup

Indian Chickpea Dahl

Butternut Squash Roasted Cherry Tomato Ground Turkey Soup.

Makes: Approx. 8-10 servings
Time: Approx. 2 hours


- Butternut Squash - 1 whole med/large
- Cherry Tomatoes - 20-30 ea
- Ground Turkey - 2 lb
- Basil - 1 C, chiffonade
- Red Onion - 2 medium, medium diced
- Stock (chicken/beef/vegetable) or Water - 2 L
- Garlic - 10 cloves peeled
- Ginger (optional) - 1/4 C minced
- Cumin (optional) - to taste
- Curry Powder (optional) - to taste
- Red Pepper Flakes - (optional) - to taste
- Coarse Salt - as needed
- Extra Virgin Olive Oil [EVOO] as needed
- S&S Vodka Kissed Tomato Spice - 3 T
- S&S Chai Spice & Everything Nice - 3 T
-Fresh Ground Black Pepper - as needed
- Additional Fresh Vegetables - personal preference


1) Set oven to 350. Set squash on roasting rack with drip tray, covered with aluminum foil.

2) Place cherry tomatoes in non-stick baking tray coated with non-stick cooking spray. Add 4 T EVOO and 2 T coarse salt. When oven is at temperature place rack with squash and tray with tomatoes in oven.

3) Leave squash in oven approximately 1-1.5 hours until medium golden brown develops. Leave tomatoes approximately 30-40 minutes until browned, deflated, and juices have caramelized.

4) Cut basil into thin chiffonade (strips), dice onion and brown in saute pan over medium heat with 2 T EVOO and 1 T coarse salt. Slow cook garlic cloves whole over low-medium heat with 4 T EVOO and 2 T coarse salt. Cover with lid so steam and direct heat break down garlic. If using ginger, slow cook
in same manner as garlic, using low-medium heat with 3 T olive oil and 1 T coarse salt.

5) Scoop squash from shell and discard all seeds. Place in blender with onion, garlic, basil, roasted tomatoes, ginger, and all spices/seasonings (you can always add more later). Puree in blender with some of your liquid, being sure to open vent on blender top if ingredients are hot (cover with towel while blending). Blend to puree consistency, add to stock pot, bring to simmer over medium heat.

6) In large sauté pan, brown turkey with olive oil and all seasonings to taste. Develop nice color and break up into small pieces.

7) Add ground turkey to squash soup and allow to cook for an additional hour minimum. Adjust seasonings and spiciness to own personal taste. Can add fresh herbs as well. Serve soup over bed of crisp cooked or uncooked vegetables of your choice. Garnish with green onions, baked tortilla crisps, sour cream / Greek yogurt, or baked kale. Also can place entire stock pot in oven on 200 with
lid off and slow cook to develop extra flavor.

Exclusive Spirits &Spice recipe by ChefKas.