The Special Occasion is Now

The Special Occasion is Now

It’s probably tucked in your cabinet or proudly displayed on a shelf; that bottle of special aceto balsamico from your trip to Italy, the bottle of Scotch you received as a gift, or the specialty liqueur that reminds you of your favorite vacation spot.  Do you keep telling yourself that you’re saving it for that special occasion?  Well, we believe the special occasion begins when you open that bottle. 

These specialty items are meant to be enjoyed.  They are literally crafted using hundreds of years of expertise with your enjoyment in mind.  Go ahead and open the bottle, take a whiff and let the memories come back.  Let your brain explore the balance of taste and smell and then prepare to make some new memories.   That aceto balsamico that has been on your shelf for seven years deserves to be drizzled over warm pasta or a nice cheese.  That Scotch needs to be poured and savored. 

Now prepare to create your very own special occasion.  Perhaps it’s that you made it through a long day, that your whole family is home for dinner, or even that you have a night to yourself.  Food and drink is what binds all humanity and Spirits & Spice is happy to make that food and drink phenomenal.  Ultimately, the occasion is life, and boy does it taste good.


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