The Sassy Story Behind Our Spices

The Sassy Story Behind Our Spices

The Sassy Story Behind Our Spices

Spirits & Spice is one of the sassiest places to get your spice on!  It’s not everyday you come across people as passionate as we are about combining quality, taste and good ol’ fashioned fun.  Our custom crafted spices are no exception. 

The creation of our tasty blends is the product of Spirits & Spice owner, Kim Weiss, and Dress The Drink owner, Cindy McClure.  These two ladies put their heads together and the result has been a huge success. 

Kim Weiss has worn many hats throughout her career including lawyer, actress and entrepreneur.  In 2008 she opened her first specialty retail food franchise selling oils, vinegars and spirits.  Kim’s ability to see potential in relationships, discern quality products and always think two (or ten) steps ahead has created the perfect recipe for success.

Cindy is the CEO, founder and self-proclaimed Trouble Maker Extraordinaire of Dress the Drink, a gourmet food and drink garnish company created in 2008.  She proudly creates all natural products.  That’s right, this means no chemicals, no preservatives no coloring.  Her passionate attitude, great sense of humor, unwavering drive and keen business insight makes for the perfect partnership with Kim. 

When Kim discovered Cindy and her amazing gourmet drink garnishes she knew they could create remarkable flavors together and challenged Cindy to make spice blends.  The passion for delicious and quality products is a shared vision that propels our spice line into a class of its own. 

Lucky for us when two passionate and talented foodies get together the outcome is sure to be amazing.