Our Scotch Family is Growing

Our Scotch Family is Growing

Our Scotch Family is Growing

In addition to our outstanding profile of international whiskies and astonishing scotch whisky portfolio, we seek to extend its range and dominance of the independent bottling specifically for our customers that may be sampled (from the barrel) in our shops in the Venetian in Las Vegas, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, or Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village in Sedona, Arizona.

Spirits & Spice has exacting standards and seeks exceptional whisky that is unadulterated and outside the usual offerings found in most commercial stores. In addition, customers may sample the products before they make decisions for purchases. We share the same passion, standards, and interest the same way you do. That is why we are pleased to bring to you our newest and most interesting offerings to date.

We have six new whiskies to suit any discerning palate. From Bruichladdich on Islay in the Southwest to Macduff in the East and everywhere in between including Dufftown's Inchgower Distillery, Glengoyne, Tamdhu, and the incomparable Mortlach. 

It is our pleasure to feature two of these single malts in this post and continue the other four in the series in upcoming blogs.

Whisky has nearly an indefinite shelf life properly cared for and the result is like imbibing history. Consider our first offering, Bruichladdich 26 year. Where were you twenty-six years ago? Then consider your journey for that time. Some of you may have not been born. The essence of the spirit was produced and barreled by employees who may have children, now adults, that work at the distillery still caring for and aging that product.

Most people today think the distilleries that exist have been there indefinitely. But with histories dating back two or three hundred years, things ebb and flow, change and die, and are reborn. Consider the Bruichladdich 26 year brought to Spirits & Spice from Stewart Laing. The Laing's likely cared for this delightfully citrusy spirit even after the distillery itself was mothballed in 1995. This wonderful offering has not only stood the test of time, but arrived with grace. Using barely only from Scotland and embracing Bruichladdich's distinct love for the past and embracing of the present, Spirits & Spice is delighted to bring you this very rare offering. It is sweet, citrusy, and malty with a hint of tropical fruit and lots of depth to citrus and malt on the finish. Even though Bruichladdich has re-entered the market, sold to a large whisky holder, mothballed, and re-opened, the fine spirit has emerged through the care of Stewart Laing and his family. This is what drinking history is all about. 

The second offering to Spirits & Spice is just as alluring. Hailing from Dufftown, part of the south of the Spey River, Inchgower is a distillery that was used primarily as the spine for blends, like Bell's. Bell's is one of the bestselling blended whiskies in the world and Inchgower rarely releases single malt expressions. Inchgower has been producing whisky since 1871 constructed and using methods and parts from a distillery even older!  Spirits & Spice is proud to offer one of their finest. This 20-year expression is mature, and complex with the power to express the soul of Dufftown and its life giving river, Spey in a dram. Rich with vanilla and honey and light enough to waft of melon, this expression is as delicious as it is unique. Whether you are new to whisky or a discerning collector, this encapsulates Speyside character. Drink a dram with friends and let the night melt away with laughter and stories and plenty of cheers. Slainte!