Our Cream Liqueurs Triumph at SIP Awards 2024

Our Cream Liqueurs Triumph at SIP Awards 2024


Cheers to being the accidental heroes of the spirits world – one sip at a time! Our Cream Liqueurs Triumph at SIP Awards 2024

We are thrilled to announce that our Spirits & Spice Root beer Float Liqueur has been awarded the prestigious Platinum medal at the SIP Awards 2024. Additionally, our Sweet Coffee Liqueur has clinched the coveted Double Gold honor and emerged as the Consumers' Choice in the same year. This phenomenal achievement at the SIP Awards is a testament to our commitment to crafting exceptional cream liqueurs that captivate the senses and delight the palate.

Spirits & Spice Root beer Float Liqueur: A Platinum Triumph

Our Spirits & Spice Root beer Float Liqueur is a harmonious blend of premium ingredients that culminate in a luscious and indulgent flavor profile. Its distinctive taste has garnered the approval of esteemed judges at the SIP Awards, who awarded it the prestigious Platinum medal. This accolade recognizes the superior quality and unparalleled taste that sets our root beer float liqueur apart from the rest.

Sweet Coffee Liqueur: A Double Gold Winner and Consumers' Choice

Our Sweet Coffee Liqueur has captured the hearts and taste buds of both judges and consumers alike, earning the distinguished Double Gold medal and the Consumers' Choice award at the SIP Awards 2024. Crafted with the finest coffee beans and a touch of sweetness, this liqueur offers a rich and flavorful experience that has resonated with spirits enthusiasts around the world.

What are the SIP Awards?

The SIP Awards stands for Spirits International Prestige Awards, an esteemed spirits competition that sets itself apart by placing consumers at the core of the judging process. Unlike traditional awards where industry insiders or experts decide the winners, the SIP Awards utilizes a unique blind-tasting method where everyday consumers evaluate the spirits based on their taste, aroma, and overall experience. This consumer-driven approach ensures that the results are reflective of what real consumers enjoy, making the accolades even more valuable and relevant.

Why the SIP Awards Matter

The SIP Awards provide a platform for spirits brands to showcase their products to a diverse panel of consumers and have their offerings evaluated purely on the basis of taste and quality. Winning accolades at the SIP Awards not only signifies industry recognition but also serves as a seal of approval from consumers who are the ultimate connoisseurs. This consumer-centric approach makes the SIP Awards a trusted and influential competition in the spirits industry, driving brands to continually innovate and elevate their offerings to meet the evolving preferences of consumers.

At Spirits & Spice, we are humbled and honored to have our cream liqueurs recognized and celebrated at the SIP Awards 2024. These prestigious accolades inspire us to continue creating exceptional spirits that exceed expectations and bring joy to enthusiasts worldwide. 

So, grab a glass (or a mug if you're feeling fancy) and let's toast to our award-winning cream liqueurs! Witness the superior quality and unparalleled taste that have made us the talk of the town among judges and consumers alike.