Go With your Gut!

Go With your Gut!

You would have to live under a rock not to have heard the latest news about how important our guts are to our overall health. From our mood, to our weight, to our ability to fight off infections and disease; apparently our guts are vital to our well-being. And, of course, it is all a bit confusing because there are so many different opinions being shouted about in public discourse about what you should and shouldn’t eat. Sifting through hours of blogs and articles about gut health I’ve narrowed it down to three words: EAT MORE FIBER.

 With a fiber rich diet that is diverse — meaning with a wide range of fiber rich foods — we can all improve our gut health. So, for the month of January, we are highlighting recipes from our collection that are rich in fiber. Our advice is simple; make your own meals as much as possible and choose from a wide array of fiber rich fruits, vegetables and whole grains. By doing so we will feed our microbiome in our guts and they will, in turn, take care of us.

Happy New Year! Let’s go with our guts!

Kim Weiss - owner Spirits & Spice