COVID-19 Readiness Update

COVID-19 Readiness Update

COVID-19 Readiness Update

Dear Valued Customers, 

In an effort to make sure everyone remains well though this coronavirus crisis, we initiated some changes to our standard procedures in all of our stores last week.

The first thing you will notice is that we are not using our standard glassware and spoons for tasting. You will be offered a one-time use plastic or paper cup to taste your desired product in. You will also be directed to throw it away after you have used it. We won’t be offering multiple tastes from the same vessel, and our team won’t be touching it after you have touched it. Even though we normally operate in a way that reduces waste by using glass and porcelain tasting vessels and then cleaning and sanitizing them for reuse, in this climate, using the disposable tasting vessels eliminates re-touching of the vessels. Therefore, increasing the chance of keeping everyone healthy.

We are thoroughly disinfecting the stores every morning and evening. Our Point of Sale machine is also disinfected after each use. And our Point of Sale counter is being wiped down every hour with alcohol wipes.

We also have hand washing stations on each of our sales floor. Our team members are washing their hands after assisting each group and are additionally required to wash their hands each hour as a reminder on a scheduled chime or alarm on the manager’s phone. In Vegas and Jackson, please feel free to use our hand washing stations to wash your hands when you enter the store or when you leave the store. (The hand-washing sink in Sedona is behind the cash register, so it isn’t accessible to the public.) We also have hand sanitizer available at the point of sale and around the store that is available to both our customers and our team members.

These are uncertain times, but what we do know is this virus can be killed with hand-washing and sanitizing with any antiseptic containing more than 60% alcohol. So we are killing it with abandon. Be safe and be well.


Best Wishes,

Kim Weiss