COVID 19 Guidelines Moving Forward

COVID 19 Guidelines Moving Forward

COVID 19 Guidelines Moving Forward

To All of Our Valued Customers,

As we go forward with our new “normal,” we have instituted the following new procedures in addition to our standard food handling procedures.

To Protect Our Team Members:
1. All Team Members will have their temperature checked as they arrive at work and as they leave work. Each Team Member will document their recorded temperature and that they have none of the known Covid-19 symptoms on a written health log that is to be completed at the beginning of each shift and at the end of each shift.
2. No Team Member will be permitted to work if they feel ill.
3. Each Team Member is required to wear a cloth mask while at work that covers their mouth and nose.
4. Our Team Members are required to wear a clean uniform each day.
5. Our Team Members are provided with gloves to wear while at work.
6. We will not be accepting cash as payment; only credit cards and other forms of electronic payment.
7. We have placed markers that denote a 6-foot separation from the Point of Sale, and we will request that customers stand at that distance until the Team Member steps back to permit the customer to finalize their purchase and collect their packaged items.

For The Protection of Our Valued Customers:
8. We will limit the number of customers in our store at any one time and will place a stanchion at the front door with a sign each time we have reached capacity requesting our customers wait until other customers leave prior to entering. Store capacity (including Team Members) for each store is as follows:
a. Vegas: 12
b. Sedona: 10
c. Jackson Hole: 45
9. Our Point of Sale will be disinfected after each customer’s transaction.
10. Team Members are required to sanitize their gloved hands after dealing with each customer or group of customers.
11. We are providing a hand sanitizing station near the entrance of each store for the customers’ use. In Vegas and Jackson Hole, we are also providing a hand sink for hand washing that our customers may use.
12. We are posting signs at the entrance of each store requesting that our customers remain 6 feet apart as a social distancing measure, that customers use the hand sanitizing station and/or the handwashing sink, requesting that they avoid touching items they do not intend to purchase and that they follow our Tasting Rules delineated below.
13. Tasting can only be done with the assistance of a Team Member. We are using disposable tasting vessels for our oils, vinegars, and spirits that are one-time use. In other words, a sample is dispensed for the customer by a Team Member and after
the customer consumes the sample, the customer is requested to discard the tasting vessel in a nearby trash can.
14. Each cask or glass balloon or fusti will be covered with a plastic bag when not in use. Once a cask or glass balloon or fusti has been used for tasting, it must be sanitized before it is re-covered with a plastic bag.
15. We will not be sampling spices.
16. We will not be re-filling any oil and vinegar bottles.
17. All frequently used surfaces, such as our Point of Sale table, any door hardware, the hand sanitizing station, and the handwashing sink will be sanitized every hour.
18. All Team Members are required to wash their hands at least once an hour and change their gloves. Supervisors will be required to have alarms on their cell phones that go off every hour to advise Team Members when they must wash their hands and sanitize all frequently used surfaces.
19. All casks, glass balloons, and oil and vinegar fustis are sanitized each night with an alcohol solution with an alcohol content higher than 80% ABV, and a new plastic bag is placed over the spout.
20. All floors will be sanitized with a bleach solution each evening.

We really appreciate your understanding and patience during these times, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Best Wishes,

Kim Weiss, owner of Spirits & Spice