Bummer; Tariff Tax Going Into Effect December 20th, 2019

Bummer; Tariff Tax Going Into Effect December 20th, 2019

Bummer; Tariff Tax Going Into Effect December 20th, 2019

Just in time for the Holidays; the tariff tax starts to impact some of our products. It is difficult to put into words how frustrating this is. We don’t want to raise prices. But our cost on some of our imported products are going up just in time for Christmas. So, unfortunately, our customers will be impacted by having our prices go up on the effected products. 

We aren’t raising prices for shucks and giggles. We aren’t raising prices because we need to increase our margins in order to continue to provide our customers with great customer service. We are increasing our prices because our government has created new tariffs on products imported from Scotland, Ireland and Germany, among other countries. 

As we receive stock from these foreign countries, we will be imposing an additional cost to you for those items of 9% —which is our actual increase. Even though the tariffs are 25%, because we import in bulk and then bottle here only our bulk costs have increased— which diminishes the impact of the tariffs on us to 9%. We are going to call this price increase a Tariff Tax that only applies to the imported products to which the tariff has been applied. 

The products which will be effected as of December 20, 2019 are as follows: 

Tart Cherry Liqueur

Sweet & Tart Lime Liqueur

Vanilla Cream Liqueur

Tiramisu Liqueur

Sweet Irish Maid Liqueur

Chocolate Hazelnut Liqueur

Luscious Apricot Liqueur

Brothers in Arms Irish Single Malt Whiskey

Against the Grain Irish Whiskey


If this tariff should be removed, we will remove the Tariff Tax as soon as our costs are corrected. I know we aren’t the only business who will be passing these prices off to their customers — most businesses can’t afford not to. But we have determined that its best to be honest about why prices on these items have gone up. 

I hate this. I know you will too. If higher prices on imported products are cool with you, but you don’t want to pay the Tariff Tax, then you can buy American— we have some lovely Bourbon to ease your pain. If it pisses you off, you know what to do — Vote.


Kim Weiss - owner of Spirits & Spice