Tierra Noble Exquisito Extra Añejo Tequila

Tierra Noble is made with passion by the Herrera family at La Estacada just outside the beautiful mountain town of Mazamitla, Jalisco. La Estacada is the highest modern distillery on the planet at 7,200 feet of elevation.

Intense dark color amber, other, and reddish. Perfectly clean, bright, and translucent with reddish hues. Great adherence in glass, showing legs and tears of great body. Very pleasant and smooth with the nose with a gamut of aromas going from fruity and sweet notes to cooked agave, vanilla, prune, chocolate, and toasted almonds, light notes of apricot and tobacco balanced perfectly with oak elegantly showcasing the lengthy maturation of this spirit. Smooth on the palate, well-balanced and complex with flavors of bitter chocolate, dry fruits, and berries, light tobacco, and spices, with a lengthy, persistent finish. Surprisingly elegant, harmonious, and balanced, with a slight hint of toasted almonds, leather, and tobacco.

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